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Isabella Lambert

Isabella Lambert-Kenney


Isabella is a Licensed Class 1 Real Estate, Stock Station Agent and Auctioneer with a passion for the Southern Highlands region and its real estate. Isabella was driven to a career in real estate by her love for property interior/exterior design and architect. Isabella loves helping people find their perfect property where they can make valuable memories, she brings guidance and value into their lives by being there for them through one of their biggest investments in life. Isabella is dedicated to providing quality service to her client’s, she will go above and beyond for her client’s but more importantly looks out for her client’s best interest and needs.

In 2019 Isabella and James co-founded the new revolution in real estate, REFCA Realty Group and a non-for-profit charity, Australian DIY Families Institute to assist all sole-parent families suffering in crisis. 15% of receivable commission on every property sale is donated to the charity to effectively give back to the community and make a difference.

View Isabella’s LinkedIn profile for her experiences.

James Fitzgibbons

James Fitzgibbons


James is a Licensed Class 1 Real Estate, Stock Station Agent and Auctioneer with a strong local knowledge of the diverse property market and landscape within the Southern Highlands region. He lived in Bundanoon for 25 years bringing up his children and owned many investment properties throughout the highlands region and Sydney. With his extensive knowledge of the local and surrounding areas and council regulations, James has a diligent, hardworking, refreshing honest and easy going style to offer his clients high quality guidance and successful service. James is committed to exceeding expectations for his clients and loves helping people achieve their real estate goals and dreams.

James has over 30 years experience and knowledge in the corporate and business sector, business and corporate creation, branding and marketing. James began his career in the information industry and later became one of Australia’s leaders in this area. James co-founded REFCA Realty Group with Isabella in 2019 and non-for-profit charity Australian DIY Families Institute with the aim to give back to the community by donating 15% of commission on every property sale to the charity, assisting all sole-parent families suffering in crisis.

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